Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ugly Truths About My Beautiful Pregnancy

I am writing this a few days or weeks before the due date of my second baby. I am not doing this to scare any of my friends who are going to be future mothers but to remind me how difficult and yet fulfilling my pregnancy is.

I'm sure that many mothers would agree with me that pregnancy is so overrated and glorified that only a few would dare to talk about the ugly truths behind it. Not that I am complaining but these are realities that happened to me that I would forever cherish as part of being a mother.

Ugly Truth List

1.  Skin Breakout

On my first trimester, I had a major skin breakout that I thought was being caused by an allergy which led me to buy OTC acne medication.  Fortunately, I tried doing a pregnancy test first before I even started with the medication and it only lasted for a month.

2.  Post Nasal Drip

I had this one with both pregnancies.  It felt like I always have a sticky gum in my throat that makes it difficult to swallow. So as embarassing as it is, I have to spit it out whenever and wherever.  Note:  I bring a ziploc with me all the time.  I have this for the entire nine months.

3.  Vomiting

I am experiencing this until now. Another one of my nine months agony.  Again, I am grateful that somebody invented the ziploc because it has saved me for so many times

4.  Weight Gain

Yup, This should sound OK but mine was very drastic. I am now 164.5 lbs. from 108 lbs. This means I have backaches and a lot of stretch marks. I also feel like I have a bowling ball in between my legs. Luckily, my feet aren't swollen like my first pregnancy.

5. Pigmentation 

Dark armpits!!!! I hate dark armpits!!! Enough said! At least my Linea Negra is much lighter than the first pregnancy. A little consolation for me there. 

6. Clumsiness 

For some reason I become more clumsy whenever I'm pregnant. Don't know why. 
At times, I would ruin my clothes whenever I spit while brushing my teeth because my tummy has gotten so big.  I find this very funny. 

7. Peeing and Leaking 

Ever felt the urge to pee like 100 times a day? That's how it is when you're pregnant. And this happens all day, all night.  To make things worse, I leak everytime I blow my nose or cough.  If that's not gross, I don't know what else to call it.  

No matter how hard it is being pregnant, every sacrifice is all worth it when you see your little one.  It is that great miracle of giving life to another human being that makes every discomfort priceless. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Answering Your Child's Questions

Last Sunday, we went to church.  We stayed in the crying room.  There were several other parents and kids there.  The oldest child was playing with his siblings.  He must be around 5 to 6 years old.  Sadly, he was the noisiest among the kids.  Then at one time when he got really loud; his mother told him to sit down.  He looked at his mom and asked her "why?".  His mom said again with a very firm voice, "sit down".  He questioned his mother "Why?"  for three times.    The mom never answered his question.  Finally, the child told his mom "I want to play" and he continued to play.

Then the mom grabbed him and sat him on her lap.  She whispered something to him and he stopped for maybe 30 secs then he went back playing loudly.

This is very unfortunate.  The child is already in the age of understanding.  It was so easy to answer the question.  She could have easily told him that he is supposed to behave while inside the church.  There were other kids his age who can sit quietly in the church.  I understand that the crying room is for noisy kids but it doesn't mean that the room is a play room and we should just let our kids do whatever they want to do in it.  The other younger kids were more behaved than him.  If the child were 1 or 3, it's easier to understand why he couldn't behave but at 5?  Geesh! I don't know how I should react or feel about it but I feel guilty because I got so annoyed with the situation.  Oh Lord, forgive me.  :(

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Proud Mentor

At around 11pm last night, I waited for some news from Hollywood, CA if my student Cathy made it through to the semifinals of the World Championships for Performing Arts (WCOPA 2011). I was informed that the results will come in the following morning. So I waited some more. I barely slept last night. I was too anxious to know the results. Although I've seen the videos uploaded by her mom, I didn't know how she did compared to the other contestants. Around 10am, I got a call and heard the good news. She made it to the semifinals! I am so ecstatic! Now I am wishing, praying and hoping that she makes it to the finals. 

One thing that makes me really happy is teaching. I think mentoring is my thing. Especially when I see them improving and happy with what they are doing. Whether it's vocal coaching, financial coaching or just any other coaching. I am no master of anything but it gratifies me to share what I know. So when this child asked for some vocal coaching, I didn't have any second thoughts. Thanks to my ever supportive husband who allowed me to do voice lessons at home and by coming home early everytime I have a scheduled class. Another special thanks to my baby for behaving while classes were going on.

At first, it was just plain summer voice lessons then little did we know we'll get invited to sing for the Filipino Community and now, she's competing against the delegations from all over the world carrying the flag of the United States.

I am beaming with pride!

Way to go Cathy Sucgang! I am a proud teacher.

UPDATE:  Cathy didn't make it to the finals but on a brighter note, she has call backs for the week.  I am still very very proud. 
Cathy at WCOPA blog