Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ugly Truths About My Beautiful Pregnancy

I am writing this a few days or weeks before the due date of my second baby. I am not doing this to scare any of my friends who are going to be future mothers but to remind me how difficult and yet fulfilling my pregnancy is.

I'm sure that many mothers would agree with me that pregnancy is so overrated and glorified that only a few would dare to talk about the ugly truths behind it. Not that I am complaining but these are realities that happened to me that I would forever cherish as part of being a mother.

Ugly Truth List

1.  Skin Breakout

On my first trimester, I had a major skin breakout that I thought was being caused by an allergy which led me to buy OTC acne medication.  Fortunately, I tried doing a pregnancy test first before I even started with the medication and it only lasted for a month.

2.  Post Nasal Drip

I had this one with both pregnancies.  It felt like I always have a sticky gum in my throat that makes it difficult to swallow. So as embarassing as it is, I have to spit it out whenever and wherever.  Note:  I bring a ziploc with me all the time.  I have this for the entire nine months.

3.  Vomiting

I am experiencing this until now. Another one of my nine months agony.  Again, I am grateful that somebody invented the ziploc because it has saved me for so many times

4.  Weight Gain

Yup, This should sound OK but mine was very drastic. I am now 164.5 lbs. from 108 lbs. This means I have backaches and a lot of stretch marks. I also feel like I have a bowling ball in between my legs. Luckily, my feet aren't swollen like my first pregnancy.

5. Pigmentation 

Dark armpits!!!! I hate dark armpits!!! Enough said! At least my Linea Negra is much lighter than the first pregnancy. A little consolation for me there. 

6. Clumsiness 

For some reason I become more clumsy whenever I'm pregnant. Don't know why. 
At times, I would ruin my clothes whenever I spit while brushing my teeth because my tummy has gotten so big.  I find this very funny. 

7. Peeing and Leaking 

Ever felt the urge to pee like 100 times a day? That's how it is when you're pregnant. And this happens all day, all night.  To make things worse, I leak everytime I blow my nose or cough.  If that's not gross, I don't know what else to call it.  

No matter how hard it is being pregnant, every sacrifice is all worth it when you see your little one.  It is that great miracle of giving life to another human being that makes every discomfort priceless.