Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Proud Mentor

At around 11pm last night, I waited for some news from Hollywood, CA if my student Cathy made it through to the semifinals of the World Championships for Performing Arts (WCOPA 2011). I was informed that the results will come in the following morning. So I waited some more. I barely slept last night. I was too anxious to know the results. Although I've seen the videos uploaded by her mom, I didn't know how she did compared to the other contestants. Around 10am, I got a call and heard the good news. She made it to the semifinals! I am so ecstatic! Now I am wishing, praying and hoping that she makes it to the finals. 

One thing that makes me really happy is teaching. I think mentoring is my thing. Especially when I see them improving and happy with what they are doing. Whether it's vocal coaching, financial coaching or just any other coaching. I am no master of anything but it gratifies me to share what I know. So when this child asked for some vocal coaching, I didn't have any second thoughts. Thanks to my ever supportive husband who allowed me to do voice lessons at home and by coming home early everytime I have a scheduled class. Another special thanks to my baby for behaving while classes were going on.

At first, it was just plain summer voice lessons then little did we know we'll get invited to sing for the Filipino Community and now, she's competing against the delegations from all over the world carrying the flag of the United States.

I am beaming with pride!

Way to go Cathy Sucgang! I am a proud teacher.

UPDATE:  Cathy didn't make it to the finals but on a brighter note, she has call backs for the week.  I am still very very proud. 
Cathy at WCOPA blog

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Power of the Piggy Bank

I recently uploaded this photo on my Facebook account showing my son putting coins in his piggy bank.  This picture brought back many memories.

My first piggy bank gave me the chance to buy my very first "taho". A street food in the Philippines which is made of silk tofu mixed with brown sugar and vanilla syrup topped with tapioca. I think I was only four at that time. It was the most delicious "taho" I ever had in my entire life. My first piggy bank had taught me to diligently save up for my next "taho".