Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last weekend we had our weekly household meeting with our mates in the community Couples for Christ. We had a small talk about relationships and parenting and since all of the members who were present were Filipino immigrants, we couldn't help but talk about our experiences as parents here in the Unites States.
We've talked about how it would have been different if we were raising our children in the Philippines. How easier it would have been to get help from our families and friends whenever we need it. How people are willing to look after our children without monetary compensation. These were some thoughts we had during the discussion.
I, for one didn't expect that it would be this exhausting being a stay at home mom. There are times that I just want to scream and tempted to ask for help. I hate doing chores all the time much more having a super messy home. What makes it more difficult is that I don't have anybody to talk to on how I feel and most of the time, I feel that people don't understand. But then I always remind myself that this is only temporary and one day, my baby will grow up. Things will be better.
For now, no matter how hard life is, what matters most is that I am happy. I am with a loving husband and a beautiful son.


  1. You can talk/email me! I feel ya! I always remind my mom when she says "ang gulo/dumi ng bahay mo" that we had katulongs in the phils. Then she'd keep quiet. Hehe. And recently my sis told me that my mom actually admitted to her that she doesn't know how I do it everyday. Taking care of 2 boys plus the house etc. ;-)

  2. Winner ka dear! Bow!

  3. I read ur blog cus and i know the feeling. Am sure nakarelate lahat ng mga ina, but it's not temporary, the more they get older the more they need ur guidance and i'd like to tell u that u're doing a great job!

  4. we are exactly the same situation...super hard but super worth all the sacrifices...i miss working so much and being w/ adults but raising my kids mydelf ---the best thing i ever did in my life...:)

  5. try parenting with God in your heart and the Bible as your guide.


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